Fee Schedule

These fees are posted as a convenience to you in planning your financial decisions. Fees are updated regularly but are subject to change without notice.

Fees current as of:  January 1, 2017 

Account Reconciliation
Per hour, $30 mininum $30.00
Account Research
Per hour, $30 minimum $30.00
ACH Reject Correction Fee
Per item $5.00
ATM/Visa Debit Card Replacement
Per item issued $10.00
ATM Withdrawal
At a non-St. Johns Bank ATM $1.00
Bank Initiated Account Closure
Each $25.00
Cashier's Checks, Official Checks
Per item issued $5.00
Cash Management Services
Installation (two hours allowed) $50.00
Per month $30.00
Bill Pay charge per month $5.95
Bill Pay charge per item $0.50
Positive Pay, per month (optional) $10.00
Positive Pay, per upload $1.00
Remote Deposit Capture* $10.00
ACH Origination, per month (optional) $10.00
ACH Origination, per item $.16
Wire Transfers, domestic (optional) $10.00
On-site visits, per hour $25.00
Check Reject Fee
Each check that rejects during processing due to poor quality and is not on preferred vendor check stock will be assessed a fee. $1.00
Collection Services
Other banks involved may also assess a fee. $30.00
Statements, checks, research $2.00
Deposit Correction
Per item $5.00
Deposited Item Returned
Per item $12.00
Dormant Accounts
Checking, per month (no activity for 9 months/balance under $1,000)


Savings, per quarter (no activity for 24 months/balance under $1,000) $5.00
Early Account Closure
Checking, within 180 days $25.00
Savings, within 90 days $25.00
Christmas Club, if account closed prior to annual pay out $5.00
eStatements Free
External Transfer of IRA
Per transfer $30.00
Maximum five pages $5.00
Per garnishment or levy $100.00
Money Orders
Customers $4.00
Non-customers $5.00
NetConnect Online Banking
Basic service Free for personal and business accounts
Bill Pay, personal accounts Free
Bill Pay, business accounts $5.95 per month and $.50 per bill pay
Night Drop Bag
Issue or replacement $15.00
Customers Free
Non-customers, per person $2.00
Overdraft/Insufficient Funds
Continuous Negative Balance*, per day $5.00
Item paid into overdraft $32.00
Item returned $32.00
*Charged beginning 5th consecutive business day on accounts without Overdraft Privilege.
Each $1.00
Returned Mail Handling Fee
Each $5.00
Signature Guarantee (Medallion)
Each $5.00
Account activity printout $5.00
Duplicate $5.00
Stop Payments
Each $32.00
Via TeleConnect telephone banking Free
Via NetConnect OnLine Banking Free
Banker-assisted $5.00
Verification of Deposit/Loan
Each $10.00
Visa Debit Card
Per card Free
Wire Transfers (customers only)
Incoming - Domestic $10.00
Incoming - International $20.00
Outcoming - Domestic $20.00
Outcoming - International $55.00

* Users may choose to purchase or lease a scanner.