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New Digital Banking Platform Coming March 2024

A New Digital Banking Experience is Coming

From March 11, 2024, to March 12, 2024, access to certain online and mobile banking features may be limited.

St. Johns Bank is launching an innovative, new digital banking experience on March 12, 2024! The new platform will provide enhanced security, better stability, additional features, more consistency between the mobile app and desktop experience as well as an improved user interface.

There will be a few changes, but we are working to migrate many of your existing settings into the new platform for a seamless transition.


Pop-Up Reminder for new app:

Please be aware that starting March 12th,  a pop-up message will appear each time you log-in to our current mobile app. Do not be alarmed, this is just a reminder for you to download the new mobile app due to the current one will no longer be active as of April 2, 2024. 

The new app will be available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Preparation: Things to Know and Actions Required

We have a few tips to make your transition to our new digital banking experience as seamless as possible! Below is a list of actions that we ask you to take in preparation for this upgrade.

Know Your Account Information

Take note of your current account information. You will need it to log into the new platform for the first time and configure your accounts.

  • Your current digital banking User ID (or Username) that you use to log in.
  • Your current digital banking Password that you use to log in.
  • Your current account alerts. Any email or SMS account alerts you have configured will have to be created again in the new platform. The new platform features enhanced alert capabilities, including text notifications and real time alerts.

Verify and Update Your Contact Information

By March 1, 2024, give us a call or stop by a branch to verify that your phone number and email address are correct and up to date in our system. This will ensure you can access the new digital banking platform when it is available.

About the New Digital Banking Experience

What Will Change?

  • Users will be required to set up 2FA (two-factor authentication) for better security upon first time log ins.  Security questions will no longer be used.
  • Online and Mobile Banking will have a new, unified look and feel.
  • SMS “Text” Banking will be discontinued.
  • A new St. Johns Bank App will be available for download through iTunes and GooglePlay stores.
  • The New Digital Banking Experience will give you more control over your accounts and enhanced self-service tools to better manage your finances.

What Will be the Same?

  • Your Digital Banking username, password, accounts, and profile information.
  • Your Bill Pay payees and settings.
  • Your internal transfers.

What Will be New?

  • Capability to set up external transfers.
  • Chat function through both desktop and app to work with a customer service representative.
  • Ability to add tags and/or images of receipts to specific transactions.