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Cash Management

Cash Management Services will change the way you do business.

Gain even more control over your business accounts. Manage your funds more effectively. Operate more efficiently. Add users at your company while controlling the functions and accounts they access. You have the flexibility to pick and choose the services you need most.

Streamline your business banking with Cash Management Services. For further information or to enroll, stop by any of our locations or call (314) 428-1059 ext. 3025 or use our online contact us form.
Allows us to work together to identify potential check fraud. Whenever you issue checks, you send us a file containing the check numbers and amounts. As these checks clear, we match your file against the incoming checks. Any discrepancy in amount or serial number is identified as suspect, and we notify you via the Cash Management system. Then you can make the decision either to pay the check or return it
Allows you to initiate credits and debits using the Automated Clearing House network. Collect payments sooner, better manage payments to take advantage of discounts or payment terms, eliminate trips to the bank, and instantly access important financial information. Use ACH to:

  • Electronically deposit payroll into your employees’ accounts
  • Collect payments from your clients
  • Transfer funds between companies
  • Exchange data and funds with trading partners
  • Originate payments to your vendors
  • Originate your state and federal tax payments
Is a time-saving and efficient way to scan checks and electronically deposit those items to your business account without ever leaving your office. Key features and benefits of Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) are:
  • Make check deposits anytime without leaving your desk
  • Optimize availability of your funds
  • Avoid the fees associated with maintaining accounts at multiple banks
  • Reduce administrative expenses and trips to the bank
  • Eliminate the costs for couriers to transport checks
To electronically initiate domestic wire transfer of funds for same-day payments or to quickly move funds from one bank to another. Create a template and store wire transfer instructions for recurring transfers.